"Learning works best when the learner is a willing and conscious participant."
- Dr. Seymour Papert, Co-founder, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, MIT, and author of The Connected Family

"Welcome to the start of a new adventure in learning - Children's Technology Workshop."
You may be familiar with other technology-centered children’s enrichment
programs and instructional franchise businesses. We’re different. And we are
looking for partners who understand the difference, can sell it passionately,
are prepared to tinker with computers, LEGO and all kinds of other materials, and
have the organizational skills to build a rewarding and significant business that
can make a difference in the lives of children and families in your community.

As you explore this site, we hope you will begin to understand just how different Children’s Technology Workshop is.

Our mission is to inspire children to seek the goal of lifelong learning while embracing various technology experiences.

In this section we encourage you to:

In Explore we introduce you to the philosophy of education that drives our curriculum.

In Invent we give you the opportunity to learn more details about our curriculum. You learn about the different ways our program can be delivered through:

• day camps
• after-school clubs
• in-school supplementary projects
• birthday parties and other special activities and events.

In Create you get the chance to learn more about our business model in North America and internationally.

For more in depth information about each program please visit the home website.